Advanced Instrumentation

Very-low-field MRI

The Very-Low-Field MRI Facility is located inside the Biomagnetism section of ITAB.

This facility started during the MEGMRI project 2008-2012, coordinator Ilmoniemi;

its starting was also supported by PRIN 2010-2012.

During these projects a MEG-compatible prototype for VLF-MRI, based on a hybrid scheme, was implemented


  • shielded room with 3 m-metal and 1 aluminum layers, RF-filtered throughputs
  • 1 cryostats with curved bottom (CTF) and equipment for vacuum pumping and cryogenics
  • A/D conversion and acquisition unit for SQUID signals
  • Driving and readout electronics for VLF-MRI
  • VLF-MRI console with 4 input channels and 1 output channel, driven by a dedicated computer; it is possible to obtain echos, 1D, 2D and 3D images using the spin-echo sequence
  • MRI preprocessing unit
  • Electronics lab

VLF-MRI – which measures can be done

  • Applications of VLF-MRI

With the room-temperature detection using the volume coil, 3D-images of phantoms or small animals are possible within a reasonable recording time

  • Academic training/research to improve the superconducting detection

Using the surface coil, 2D-images of phantoms or small animals are possible, although at longer times. Alternate schemes could be adapted to the existing set-up


 VLF-MRI_System Mixed_Sensor_Channel